Online Summer School in Math, Science and Coding

School's Out,
Learning's In

Heat up their curiosity with science and math courses that turn downtime into brain gain. Get ahead, catch up, or just stay intellectually active—it's a win-win-win!

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Not Your Ordinary Online Summer School

Math for Grades
K-7 & Advanced Courses

This 4-week math odyssey sharpens your child's skills in critical thinking and logical reasoning. Covering topics from basic math to geometry, our summer math camp elevates your child's academic prowess and confidence.

Science for
Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Avatar Science plunges your child into a 4-week exploration of hands-on and virtual experiments. Dive into physics, chemistry, and biology, while fostering creativity and real-world problem-solving.

Python Coding
for Grades 5+

In just 4 weeks, this summer coding class lays the foundation for Python programming. Your child will master variables, loops, and functions through immersive, project-based activities, crafting interactive programs and games.

Did you know?

Students lose
17% to 34% of the
prior year's learning
over summer break.

Scorch the summer slide with Avatar's summer school.

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Summer School Courses

Not your Ordinary
Summer School

Discover the transformative essence of Avatar's Summer School Courses—a holistic approach to a season of educational enrichment. Dive into a world where summer becomes a gateway to year-round success. From amplifying cognitive abilities to fostering tech proficiency, our programs ignite a passion for learning while equipping students with essential skills.

Join us for a summer of growth, empowerment, and a head start towards a brighter academic journey.

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Math Summer Courses

Discover our diverse summer courses tailored to different age groups. For Grades K-4, spark curiosity and problem-solving skills. Grades 5-7? Strengthen core concepts. Advanced courses? Dive into Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Your summer, a gateway to math triumph!

Invest in Your Child's Future

Grades K-2
for 1-hour classes,
twice a week.

Grades 3-4
for 1.5-hour classes,
twice a week.

Grades 5-12
for 2-hour classes,
twice a week.

Elevate your child’s math skills this summer with Avatar’s specialized courses

Science Summer Courses

Explore our enriching summer science lineup designed for various age groups. For Grades 3-5, immerse in hands-on experiments and captivating virtual discoveries. Grades 6-8? Delve into advanced physics, chemistry, and biology, laying the groundwork for future scientific exploration. Join us this summer for a journey into the wonders of science!

Invest in Lifelong Learning

Grades 3-8
for 1.5-hour classes,
twice a week.

Empower your child to tackle real-world problems and ignite their imagination with our transformative science program this summer.

Python Summer Courses

Embark on a Python-learning adventure tailored for Grades 5 and above! Our Python for Beginners course focuses on cultivating fundamental programming skills. Your child will craft interactive games and animations, diving into the world of coding in an engaging and interactive way. Join us this summer to master the language of Python!

Instil Tech-Savvy Confidence

Grades 5 and up
for 1.5-hour classes,
twice a week.

Elevate your child’s coding abilities through project-based learning—where Python becomes more than just a language, it becomes a tool for endless creativity.

Boost Your Child's Skills with
Avatar's Dynamic Summer Courses

STEM Challenges

Tackle real-world problems in our STEM Challenges, equipping your child with practical skills they can apply in and out of the classroom.

Skill Building Exercises

We go beyond rote memorization. Our exercises cultivate deep understanding and set the foundation for academic success.

Study Materials

Accessible anytime, our study materials reinforce classroom learning and provide valuable reference points.

Interactive Lessons

No snooze-worthy lectures here! Our interactive lessons engage your child, making learning both effective and fun.

Coding Projects

Your child will build their very own coding projects, transforming them from digital consumers to creators.

Parent Updates

Stay in the loop! We keep you updated on your child's progress, so you're always aware of their achievements and areas for growth.




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Excel and Build Confidence with Avatar's Online Courses

Our online STEM program boosts grades and confidence
by enriching the core curriculum for academic success.
Avatar Summer School FAQs


Our courses are designed to be fun and interactive, turning learning into an adventure your child will actually look forward to. We promise our summer enrichment won't feel like "school"!

Absolutely, we offer flexible scheduling options. Just let us know in advance and we'll make sure to accommodate your vacation plans.

Yes, we offer coding courses for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. In our online summer science classes, we group students by grade level. Each course is designed to meet your child right where they're at.

Each course is designed to fit comfortably into a summer schedule, requiring just a few hours per week. Plus, because our summer camps are online, your kids can enjoy them at the beach or wherever you go on vacation!

Your child will have access to video lessons, interactive quizzes, and live support from expert instructors.

We provide weekly progress reports so you can see exactly how much your child is learning, and where they might need a little extra help.

Absolutely, our courses are perfect for students who need to catch up, want to get ahead, or simply aim to stay intellectually active over the summer.

Our summer courses have multiple start dates to accommodate various schedules. It's never too late to give your child an enriching summer experience!