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What to expect with an Assessment

Build confidence in your child’s math skills with Avatar Learning Center’s tailored K-12 online classes. Our assessments pinpoint individual needs, connecting concepts to real-life applications. Students gain confidence and problem-solving abilities, transforming math fears into strengths.

Discover if Avatar is right for your child with our no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute Math assessment. Our assessment measures logic, grade-appropriate skills, and learning pace, guiding us to the ideal course.

Upon signing up, expect:

→ A confirmation email with Zoom details for your appointment.

→ A 15 to 20-minute interactive assessment led by our educators via Zoom.

→ A 10-minute Q&A session post-assessment for feedback and improvement areas.

→ A follow-up email recommending the best course based on the assessment.

Empower your child’s mathematical journey today. Sign up for our assessment to lay the foundation for their academic success.