In-Person Math Classes at the Rockville Science Center

Math Confidence
with Hands-On

Unlock unparalleled math mastery at the Rockville Science
Center through Avatar Learning Center's trailblazing
in-person enrichment program. This unique collaboration
blends Avatar's math education prowess with Rockville
Science Center's innovative, hands-on STEM learning
environment, setting your child up for a future of academic
success and unshakable confidence.

and invest in their future!

Ignite your child's love of math

At Rockville Science Center, students participating in AvatarMath enrichment program are taught with peers of similar skill levels, which creates a harmonious and stimulating learning environment.


Boost mental math and discover hacks that turn kids into confident calculators.

Unlocking interdisciplinary smarts?

You bet!


Learn to break down complex math problems into bite-sized parts.


Build a deeper understanding of underlying math foundations.


Solve increasingly complex problems with greater accuracy and speed.


Nurture interpersonal skills and confidence with team challenges.

Math Enrichment tailored for every age

Avatar's Specialized Math Program

Get ahead in Montgomery County with Avatar's specialized math program, right here in Rockville, MD.
Maximize your child's potential and investment in their future.

Turbocharge Your Child's Math Skills

September through June. Students can join anytime.

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1.5 hour classes on Saturday | 10am or 1130am
  Ideal for Kids Grade 2-4

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Budget-friendly payment plans start at $180 for 4-weeks of sessions

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Certified Tutors

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STEM Integration

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Weekly Instruction

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Grade-specific Classes

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Parental Updates

Montgomery County's Best

Elevate Math,
Ditch the DC Drive

Looking to give your child a math edge without the DC commute? Avatar's Rockville Science Center program is your answer. We go beyond traditional tutoring, offering a targeted math enrichment experience that hones problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Whether your child aims to excel or needs a boost to catch up, our program is your shortcut to academic success and peace of mind—right in the heart of Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Local Math Classes | Avatar Learning Center | STEM Education Online and On-site
Avatar Math

Where Maryland Kids Become Math Geniuses

Local Advantage

Located in downtown Rockville, MD, we're easily accessible for Montgomery County families.

Tailored Learning

Specialized programs for Grades K-6, catering to your child's unique needs.

Expert Guidance

AvatarMath's qualified tutors ensure ensure quality education.

Hands-On Approach

Real-world math applications bring textbook learning to life.

Flexible Scheduling

Convenient in-person sessions fit around your family's busy Washington, DC lifestyle.

Immediate Feedback

Get real-time progress reports to track your child's achievements.

Community Connection

A local partnership that brings the best of Rockville's educational resources to your child.

Unlock Scholarships

Our program prepares students for advanced studies, opening doors to educational funding.

Peace of Mind

Known for excellence, AvatarMath and Rockville Science Center make a power duo you can trust.

Future-Ready Skills

A strong math foundation now sets your child up for STEM success later.

The Avatar Experience

Rockville Science Center Awaits

Certified Tutors
with PhDs in STEM

Top-tier guidance from the experts! Our PhD-level tutors translate advanced concepts into fun learning experiences.


More than just math, we seamlessly integrate your child's learning into the dynamic world of science, tech and engineering.


No more one-size-fits-all. Our tailored lessons match your child's level, paving the way for quicker advances.


Your child won't just learn; they'll conquer. Steady, weekly sessions make mastering math a breeze.


Forget generic classes. Each session is finely tuned to your child's grade level, maximizing their learning potential.

Stay in
the Know

No more guessing. Receive weekly updates and celebrate your child's progress in real-time.

Payment Plans

Budget-friendly options make top-tier education accessible, with plans tailored to suit every family.


Located in Rockville, MD—right in the heart of Montgomery County. Now, world-class math education is just around the corner.

Rockville Science Center Math Classes | Avatar Learning Center | STEM Education Online and On-site
Avatar's Exclusive Roadmap

Navigate to Mastery

Expert Assessment

Assessment PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

We kick things off by evaluating your
child’s math skills and STEM aptitude.

This isn’t just any quiz; it’s a roadmap for success.

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Based on the assessment, our Ph.D.-level tutors
create a tailor-made learning plan.

This isn’t cookie-cutter education;
it’s a custom-fit suit for your child’s intellect.

Classes PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

Our Rockville Science Center classrooms
buzz with energy.

Through engaging activities and problem-solving
sessions, kids not just learn but thrive.

Weekly Milestones PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

Each week, your child reaches new heights.

Our structured program ensures a steady
climb up the math mountain.

Real World Application GLobe PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

We incorporate real-world STEM applications.

So, your child doesn’t just solve equations;
they understand how it impacts the world around them.

Parent Involvement PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

Transparency is key.

Receive weekly updates on your child’s progress,
so you’re never in the dark.

Flexible Payment Dollar PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

We offer both 4-week and 10-week payment plans,
because quality education shouldn’t break the bank.


Continuous Improvement STEM PNG Icon | Avatar Learning Center

Our work isn’t done until your child reaches
and sustains their peak performance level.

After all, math is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Roadmap to Math Mastery | Avatar Learning Center | STEM Education Online and On-site
STEM Student On-Site Class Activity | Avatar Learning Center | STEM Education Online
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Build Math Confidence
with Hands-on Learning

Avatar partners with the Rockville Science Center to
offer your kids in-person math enrichment.
Frequently Asked Questions

Avatar Math
at Rockville
Science Center

We offer two classes on Saturday and two classes on Sunday. Classes are ideal for middle-grade elementary students looking to catch up or get math enrichment.

Classes last 90 minutes, and our math tutors have years of experience keeping the pace lively and kids engaged until the very end. Classes meet either Saturdays or Sundays from September through early June.

Absolutely! Our tutors aren't just certified; many hold Ph.D. degrees in STEM fields, work as research scientists, and provide students with the ideal combination of math teaching skills and real-world expertise. Our proven curriculum, rigorous tutor vetting, and training program mean students enjoy teachers who boost skills and make math fun.

Enrollment is a breeze! You can enroll directly on our website, or contact us for a consultation and needs assessment. We're happy to evaluate your student's current skill level and further discuss our programs. Ready to give your child the Avatar edge? Enroll now and unlock a world of academic excellence!