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Turbocharge your math skills this spring with our 12-week crash courses. With intensive classes from Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2, we've got the perfect course to set you up for success on your math final exams.

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Math Mastery in 12 Weeks

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Tackle math challenges head-on and arm your kids with
the math chops and problem-solving skills to ace finals,
review past material or leapfrog to the next grade level.

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12 Weeks
2 Hour Weekly
Online small group classes with no more than 8 students

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Real-world applications of math
From Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2

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Discover Why Avatar's Crash Courses
Lead Your Child to Math Mastery

Tailored to Common Core Standards

Our courses sync with the Common Core, ensuring a streamlined learning path from Grade 4 to Algebra 2.

Visual Learning Methods

Get to grips with graphs and other visual tools in Algebra 1 and 2, turning complex ideas into understandable insights.

Proof-packed Geometry

Our Geometry course uses both deductive and inductive reasoning, sharpening your child's logical skills.

Emphasis on Problem-Solving

Your child learns not just equations but how to apply them, crucial for acing exams and real-world challenges.

Course Flexibility

No matter where your child is academically, our small group format means their Math crash course is tailored to their skills and goals.

Real-world Applications

Every Math crash course incorporates real-world problems and modeling, making the math skills immediately applicable.

Full-Scope Learning

From integers in Preparation to Pre-Algebra to advanced functions in Algebra 2, we've got all bases covered.

Time-Efficient Courses

Our crash courses pack a full academic year's worth of knowledge into a fast-paced, result-oriented program.

Multi-Level Targeting

Offering courses from Grade 6 to high school, we cater to a wide range of age groups and skill levels.

Pro Instructors

Our instructors specialize in turning weaknesses into wins, all while adhering to the Common Core standards for assured academic success.

Avatar Math Crash Course Curriculum

Sprint to
Math Success

In the high-stakes game of college admissions, where every grade matters, we zero in on the core math concepts that will put your child on the fast-track to success. We cut the fluff and get straight to what your child needs to excel -- giving them maximum results in those busy weeks before final exams.

Choose Avatar, and you're not just opting for a crash course; you're investing in a brighter, more secure future for your child.

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Group Lessons

Preparation to Pre-Algebra

Boost your child Math Skills Fast with Avatar's Pre-Algebra Crash Course! Ditch the year-long slog; we're Common Core-aligned and packed with Grade 6 and 7 essentials. We start with a quick Grade 6 recap, then deep-dive into Grade 7 topics and even above—think rational numbers and real-world problem-solving. By the finish line, your kid will be Pre-Algebra-ready.

Topics we cover

Quick Equations & Expressions

Equation Ops


Rational Numbers: Decimals & Fractions

& Rates

Measure &
Percent Mastery

Stats & Probability, Unlocked

Geometry, Demystified



Skyrocket Your Child's Math Skills with Avatar's Accelerated Pre-Algebra Course. Don't wait a year to see progress—our curriculum covers Grades 7 and 8 Common Core Standards in a fraction of the time. We focus on practical applications of algebraic theories, making math more relatable and engaging for your child.

Topics we cover

Variables, Expressions & Arithmetic

Equation Solving

Navigating Equations & Inequalities

Algebra 1

Crack advanced Algebra Skills with Avatar's All-Inclusive Online Crash Course. Tailored for parents looking to give their kid a leg up. In this course, your child will zoom from beginner to pro, setting them up for Algebra II and beyond. From linear equations to rational expressions, we cover the full Algebra I curriculum, all with a practical approach to theory and real-world applications.

Topics we cover

Linear Equations & Inequalities

Graph Linear Functions with Ease

Systems of Linear Equations/Inequalities

Quadratic Functions & Equations

Exponential Functions & Sequences

Polynomial Equations & Factoring

Radical Functions & Equations

Rational Expressions & Equations

Data Analysis & Visualization


Designed to supercharge your child's understanding of 2D and 3D shapes, this course hones critical thinking and elevates problem-solving skills. Set your child on a direct path to Algebra II with a solid foundation in Geometry, fortified by real-world applications. Enroll now to give your child the edge in mathematical reasoning.

Topics we cover

Reasoning: Deductive & Inductive

Direct & Indirect
Proof Skills

Parallel Lines
& Planes

Congruence &

Polygons &
Right Triangles

Circles &
Coordinate Geometry

& Symmetry

Build Constructions
& Loci

Calculate Perimeter, Area & Volume

Algebra 2

With a curriculum tailored to both Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus readiness, this course ensures your child grasps advanced algebraic and geometric skills. From complex numbers to trigonometric functions, we make sure they're fully prepared for what comes next in their math journey.

Topics we cover

Advanced Algebra Concepts

Functions & Graphing Techniques

Polynomial & Rational Functions

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Linear Equations & Inequalities Systems


Probability &






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Excel and Build Confidence with Avatar's Online Courses

Our online STEM program boosts grades and confidence
by enriching the core curriculum for academic success.
Avatar Math Crash Courses FAQs


Avatar offers proven methods, expert coaches, and guaranteed results. Your child's growth isn't just a possibility; it's a promise.

Our courses not only improve grades but also boost problem-solving skills, giving your child a strong foundation for future academic and career success.

You'll receive live updates and regular progress reports. Your peace of mind is as important to us as your child's academic growth.

We use a "Curriculum Calibration" process that adapts to your child's learning style and pace. This ensures they're learning at an optimal level, mastering topics that can be challenging.

Enrollment is easy. Just click on the "Enroll Now" button on our website, choose the course that fits, and follow the prompts. Your child's brighter math future is just a few clicks away -